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Hannah's Story 

Hannah has dedicated much of her life to learning holistic ways around nutrition, massage, birth, plant medicine, water massage, and family health. She has traveled the world being taught by teachers, shamans, plants, children, elders, and spirit.


She is a certified health coach, Doula, bodyworker, yoga teacher, and sound healer. Her training in massage came from The New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics, is a graduate of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and Columbia University. She has spent months training with plants in the Amazons of Peru and Ecuador. Her Doula training was done with Shiva Rae and The Chapman family center.


With these experiences, she offers deep nurturing touch and holds a strong yet gentle space for her clients. Hannah has worked and volunteered at schools around the world for the last 20 years. Her approach to swimming is first the respect for water and bringing the love of water to the families in her community. 

Hannah is a solo mama to her 7yr old son Saylor, she relocated back to Hood River in 2015 to raise her son close to her family. Hannah spends her free time attending free births,  hosting fabulous moon parties, rocking babies, exploring nature, sunrise yoga, laughing endlessly with family, and chiming lullabies to people on her sheep rug. 


Her passion is being in her community teaching swimming, traveling, and yoga! She was awarded a scholarship to the United States Swim School Association conference this September 2018 in Las Vegas.


In May of 2022, she was awarded a partial scholarship from Swim Angel Fish in adaptive aquatic training &  is working on her swim whisperer specialist certification. 

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