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In-Home Swim Instruction

Bringing Your Child's Swimming Lessons to your Home

Availble July 10 - August 2
$150 Per Session


Our experienced swim teacher will come to your home pool for a minimum of one hour, providing personalized instruction tailored to your child's needs.

How it Works

Each session can accommodate up to six children, with flexible lesson structures to suit different skill levels:

  • Group Lessons: Three children at the same level can enjoy a 30-minute group session.

  • Semi-Private Lessons: Two children can benefit from 20-minute semi-private sessions.

  • Private Lessons: For brand new swimmers needing one-on-one attention, we offer 15-minute private sessions.

To ensure your children make significant progress, we recommend a minimum of four lessons. Payment is structured as follows: the first payment is due at the time of booking, with the remaining three payments due on the first day of swim instruction.

Insurance and Liability

Our swim teacher is fully insured to provide lessons in your pool. However, it is important to understand that any guests or family members you invite to participate in or observe the swim lessons will be covered under your homeowner's insurance. We recommend checking with your insurance provider to ensure that your policy includes sufficient liability coverage for hosting such activities.

Waivers for Guests

To further safeguard against any potential liability issues, we strongly suggest that you create a waiver for your guests to sign. This waiver should acknowledge the inherent risks associated with swimming and confirm that the guests understand and accept these risks. A typical waiver might include:

  • Acknowledgment of the risks involved in swimming and using the pool.

  • Agreement that guests are responsible for their own safety and the safety of their children.

  • Confirmation that the homeowner is not liable for any injuries or accidents that occur during the swim lessons.

Having your guests sign a waiver can provide an additional layer of protection for you as the homeowner, ensuring that everyone enjoys a safe and enjoyable swimming experience.

Meet The Instructor


Sophia's passion for aquatics was ignited in her youth, a time she fondly remembers for its close water connection. From her early teens, Sophia embarked on a meaningful journey as a swim instructor, beginning with her inaugural role in Boston, where she introduced city kids to the joys and essentials of swimming. This experience was pivotal, teaching her the invaluable lesson that the ability to swim is not just a skill but a privilege.

Over the years, Sophia has expanded her expertise to teach swimming to individuals of all ages, further enriching her experience by serving as a waterfront director at various camps. Her competitive spirit found its roots in her swimming career, where she competed and led as the captain of a Division 1 collegiate swim team.

Sophia's academic and professional journey is equally impressive. She holds a degree in Elementary Education and has applied her passion for teaching and mentorship in the public school system as a primary teacher. Her commitment to safety and excellence in swimming instruction is underscored by her certifications in Water Safety Instruction (WSI) through the YMCA and CPR, ensuring a comprehensive and secure learning environment for her students.

Sophia's multifaceted career reflects her dedication to empowering others through swimming, education, and leadership, making her an invaluable asset to any educational or aquatic program.

Sophia will be our traveling private swim teacher for 2024, she also housesits and does private tutoring!



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Group lessons

Three children at the same level can enjoy a 30-minute group session.

Minimum 1 hour booking required

Semi Private Lesson

Two children can benefit from 20-minute semi-private sessions.
Minimum 1 hour booking required

Private Lesson

 For brand new swimmers needing one-on-one attention, we offer 15-minute private sessions.
Minimum 1 hour booking required

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