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Swimming Lessons in Hood River, Oregon.

 We teach ages 3 months to 8 years old.

 Winter Registration will open on December 3rd at 9 a.m. for current families Dec. 9th; returning and new families.

Classes run Monday/Tuesday/Thursday

 12 pm-4 pm, at the Hampton Inn. This session will run from January 2- March 18. Once a week, classes will now be available to all ages. 

We are now closed on Wednesdays. 


January 2-March 18


Hampton Inn Sessions

12 pm-4 pm  

No classes Jan. 15 & Feb.19

Mondays with Megan 

Ages 3 months to 5 years  

Tuesday & Thursday- With Kate

No classes on Jan. 30 & Feb. 1 

Ages 3.5 - 7 years

Now offering one day per week for all classes 



 Megan- Monday Only starting January 8-March 18 

11:50 -POOL OPENS 

12 pm - Baby/parent  6 month-1 year

12:25- Semi-private  2.5yrs-4yrs-

12:45 Semi-private 3yrs-5yrs-

1:05 Semi-private 2.5-3yrs 

1:25 semi-private 2.5yrs-4yrs 

1:45 Semi-Private 3yrs-5yrs 

2:05 Break 

2:25  Toddler/Parent 18 months-3yrs 

2:50- Group ages 3.5-5 years

3:15  -Baby/parent class 1yr-2.5 yrs 

3:40 Open Play w/ parent ages 18 months-3 years



 Kate- Tuesday or Thursday or both 

January 2-March14  

 Ages 3.5 years-8 yrs


12:00 semi-private age 3.5-4 yrs- 

12:20 semi-private age 3.5-4 yrs- 

12:40 semi-private age 3.5-4 yrs-

1:00 semi-private age 3.5-5 yrs-

1:20 semi-private age 3.5-5 yrs-

1:40 semi-private age 4-6 yrs-

2:00 Group  age 4-6 yrs-Intermediate 

2:25 BREAK 

2:40 Group Ages 4-6 yrs - Advanced 

3:05 Group Ages 5-7 yrs- Advanced 

3:30 Group, Ages 6-8yrs PRE_SWIM T

This class is for kids who can swim the length of the Hampton Inn pool  and have the necessary listening skills, as they will be coached in and out of the pool. 

4:00 pm POOL Closes 

Online courses

will begin in 2024 for ages

infants-12 months 

register will open at


BABY/TODDLER Parent/caregiver in pool 

25 minute classes 

3 months - 2.5 years 

Open Play 18 m-3 yrs 

9 classes Monday $270



20 minute  classes 


$330 for 10 classes

$300 9 classes 


25 minute classes 


4:1 ration

$300 for 10 classes 

NO beginners in these classes

Pre-swim team 5:1

30 minute class

$320 for 10 classes  



*No make-ups for missed classes.  Read full terms & and conditions here.  

Hampton Inn fee is $25 per child January-March 


Meet Lily


Hi, I'm Hannah!

I've been teaching since the age of 14, starting as a volunteer at the local Hood River Pool.  I grew up swimming, first learning as an infant from my mother, who is also a swim instructor.  I swam competitively from age five to college and started Little Splashes in my backyard at 16.  I have served as a lifeguard, swim instructor, Special Olympics, swim coach, camp counselor, Doula, and health coach. In 2024 I will launch HELD IN WATER, a gentle approach to online learning and water introductions for babies.  


Trained and certified through YMCA, WSI, NSSA, CPR certified

5 years as a prenatal & infant massage therapist. 

I am currently training in WATSU (water massage) & Amnion with the incredible Mary Seamster. 

Every year, I adventure into more training. Currently, adaptive aquatics training is my interest. It is adaptive swimming with children with autism • anxiety • physical • delays • motor • sensory • trauma • discomfort. 


Megan spent the first 28 years of her life on the shores of Lake Superior, from Duluth, MN, to Marquette, MI. Growing up on water, from canoe trips in the Boundary Waters to swimming and ice fishing, she’s always found it to be her happy place.


  In college, Megan joined crew and started sea kayaking and cliff jumping (shh, don’t tell her kids or remind her mom!). There, she also worked with teenagers with autism, where aquatic therapy was part of the daily/weekly activities. She stayed in the area and subsequently directed an outdoor activity program for seven summers on the shores of Lake Superior and eight other inland lakes. Guiding trips on the water each day, in addition to teaching beginning sailing and swimming survival skills, it was one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs she’s ever had. 


After getting married, it was difficult for her husband to peel Megan away from Lake Superior, but she wouldn’t compromise on settling anywhere that didn’t involve lots of water! Along the way, Megan has worked with many children through being a nanny and teacher's aide for kids from infancy to eighth grade. 


She is thrilled to have ended up in Hood River for the past eight years while growing a family  Ida (4) and Leo (2), who have been swimming with Hannah since Ida was 4 months old. Megan couldn’t be more excited to participate in such a positive and effective program for all future swimmers and water lovers!! 

meg bio pic .jpg


Kate grew up in Hood River, learning to swim at the old Hood River outdoor public pool and Elks club pools.

Her family always took vacations that involved some way to swim. A lake, river, or hotel swimming pool was always involved. Even today, you can find her kiteboarding or swimming at the waterfront in the summer. It is her happy place. From floaters to senior life-saving and participation in the high school swim and diving teams to certified Water Safety instructors, she continued learning and even taught other high school students to swim during her high school years. 

Now retired from public service, she is returning to swim teaching. “The joy of watching little ones become just as comfortable under the water as out makes me smile every time!” “You are never too young or old to learn to swim and enjoy it as a sport or more importantly, as a way to relax.”

photo credit - Rountree Rouse


“It was one of the most amazing experiences to get into the water with her and see her absolutely love it.“



"Through her ability to make children feel secure and comfortable in the water, kids donʻt realize how much they are actually learning."


Swimming is a gift for life.
Hannah donates her time & own money to families in the water. She is now reaching out to the community for support as she gives over 10 scholarships a year and is hoping to offer even more! 


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